Paolo Bettoni

Paolo Bettoni was a nineteenth century Italian master of the short story.  He was a great admirer of his contemporary Charles Dickens and in 1852 produced a translation into Italian of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, published by Borroni and Scotti of Milan.

Alfredo Panzini

Alfredo Panzini (1863-1939) was a successful Italian novelist and lexicographer. He was born in Senigallia but spent his childhood at Bellaria (near Rimini). He studied Latin, Greek and Italian under Giosue Carducci at the University of Bologna.

Hans Arnold

Hans Arnold (Babette von Buelow) (1850-1927) was the daughter of Jewish lawyer, writer and astronomer, Felix Eberty. She grew up in Breslau (Wroclaw, Poland) where her father was a Professor at the University.

Grazia Deledda

Grazia Deledda(1871-1936) was an Italian author who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926. She was born in Nuoro, Sardinia and much of her writing is inspired by the Sardinian peasantry and the rugged landscape in which they lived.

Marie Bernhard

Marie Bernhard (1857-1937), a German writer, was  born and brought up in Koenigsberg where her father was a teacher at a Realgymnasium (high school). Like her contemporaries Hans Arnold and the English writer George Eliot, she felt constrained to publish her early works under a masculine pseudonym, Bernhard Frey.

Max Brod

Max Brod (1884-1968), was a Jewish writer from the German speaking community of Prague where he lived until his emigration to Palestine in 1939. He is best known as the life-long friend and publisher of Franz Kafka but he was a successful and prolific author in his own right.  Jewish Women and Arnold Beer: The Fate of a Jew are unique portraits of the lives of the assimilated Jews of Prague before the First World War.

Nan Östman

Nan Östman (1923-2015) was a Swedish writer, mainly of children’s books for which she was awarded the Astrid Lindgren Prize in 1987. In 1999 she turned her hand with equal success to adult themes with the publication of Ett Slags Sällskap in 1999 followed by En Varm Vänskap in 2003.

Nicola Viceconti

Nicola Viceconti is a prize-winning Italian writer, poet and sociologist with a passion for the history and culture of Latin America and with particular reference to the role of human rights. He has published ten works (novels, poems, and short stories) five of which were released simultaneously in Italy and Argentina, and also distributed in Cuba and Chile. The Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires bestowed upon him the prestigious title of Visitante Ilustre (Honoured Guest) for his work in keeping alive the history of the Argentinian people through his novels, which portray significant historical moments in contemporary culture and politics.

Angelina Brasacchio

Angelina Brasacchio is an established Italian author and has published six novels in Italy, including Tales from the Italian South. Some of her novels have been informed by her activities as a trade unionist and one of the earliest feminists in Southern Italy. Her book They Wanted to Change the World focused on the 1968 protests in Europe and she demonstrated her non-conformist character by being the first Calabrian woman to wear trousers in public. She participated in the student demonstrations of 1968 and was recognised at national level in trade union circles.