Aspal Prime

Out Now

Some Kind of Company

by Nan Östman


Translated from the Swedish


An antidote to Swedish noir? This first English translation of a novel by the well-known Swedish author Nan Östman tells the gentle but compelling story of Anna, an aging Swedish translator, living in the country with her almost silent husband, Håkan.  She feels that life is passing her by and decides to take matters in hand  by advertising for a male penfriend.  The consequences are both surprising and engaging and show a hitherto less familiar aspect of Swedish society.

Forthcoming titles

Come with me

by Nicola Viceconti


Translated from the Italian


The eighty-year-old Professor Franco Solfi, a disillusioned former communist, discovers a note in the pocket of an old coat from the love of his life, a Russian girl called Irina. He had believed that she was dead, but is now convinced that she is alive and crosses two continents in an attempt to find her.

Tales from the Italian South

by Angelina Brasacchio


Translated from the Italian


These eight stories by Angelina Brasacchio are set amid the rugged scenery and white sand beaches of the Italian South. But this is the Italy, not as seen by tourists, but of the inhabitants deeply rooted in the soil of Calabria. We are drawn into their everyday lives and particularly their relationships with ‘outsiders’ whether gypsies, American soldiers blown in by the winds of war, or refugees fleeing their homelands because of persecution or poverty.