Three Sentimental Stories by Paolo Bettoni


These tales belong to the ‘sentimental’ genre of Charles Dickens.  Innocent and virtuous souls are plagued by poverty and sometimes by malevolent guardians and neighbours.  Occasionally fate intervenes through generous and honest benefactors.



Translated from the Italian

In Vice, Virtue and Poverty, a desperately poor young girl decides to surrender her virtue in order to relieve her family from cold and hunger. But rescue comes from an unexpected quarter. A nobleman who has squandered two fortunes and is reduced to poverty in The Gentleman Beggar finds an unlikely benefactor in a former servant. In a Lamb between Two Wolves, the unbridled greed and wickedness of his uncle finds ingenious ways to reduce a young and healthy heir to a large fortune to a dying wastrel.

Paperback 144 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9957167-1-1

December 2017