Jewish Women by Max Brod


The first ever translation of Max Brod’s novel (originally published in German in Berlin, 1911) which portrays the prosperous and settled world of assimilated Prague Jewry before the First World War – the world not only of Max Brod but also of his life-long friend, the writer Franz Kafka.




Translated from the German

Although now overshadowed by Kafka’s success, Brod was an accomplished and prolific author in his own right. This novel is set in the spa town of Teplitz (Teplice) and is a cameo of he lives of prosperous Jewish families before the First World War. It draws a compelling and poignant picture of the normal everyday lives of its characters, so touchingly unaware of the traumas to come in the following decades when their communities would be shattered beyond repair.


ISBN: 978-0995716773

3rd February 2020